Quick question regarding energy usage/comparison sites

    I'll probably kick myself after asking this because it seems so straightforward, but.when these comparison sites request your annual energy consumption, do you calculate your last 4 bills or is it 5? I've just gone through our bill history online got the quarterly usage, but when I counted the four bills (4x3 = 12 etc) it seems that it only works out as 9 months worth. So do I calculate all 5 to get that figure, or is it just the 4 as I originally thought?

    Any assistance is appreciated.


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    It's ok. I haven't got my head on straight today. Jumped the gun in asking. Should have gone with my instinct (and more obvious option) I realised it is indeed 4 after all. Tried to delete this, but the system won't allow it.

    Just click on the expire button next to edit.

    No harm in asking question dont worry too much i am glad you figured it out
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