Quick question regards BT landine and internet.

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Found 21st Feb 2009
We have a BT landline for INCOMING calls only. (Me and OH get too many free minutes on our mobiles to pay extra for making calls off landline)

Question is, should we be able to use BB/ADSL Internet down this line from any ISP? (some time back we had TalkTalk at our old address, when we moved we kept our old number)

However for some reason when we try joining a new ISP online we can't sign up as there is some feature on our line stopping us joining, when i spoke to BT they said it is b'cos we have incoming calls only, but we still pay "line rental" (even though it's only ~ £3.55/month lol) and get access to freephone numbers.
So surely we should not be penalised from signing up to an ISP over the BT line (especially bearing in mind we were previously with TalkTalk and BT had no issues back then)

Anyone advise?

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I'm not sure tbh.

It's probably because your line can accept data from the exchange but can't send it.

No you wont. A friend of ours tried exactly the same thing and BT found out and put a block on the line. Also I used to have a "Low User" tariff with BT (used my mobile for outgoing calls) and had broadband. BT made me revert to the full tariff.

no you wont be able to as technically ure line is "ocb" outgoing calls barred bt are terrible and would suggest switiching to someone else if you have that option or you can take option 1 which includes free calls with the basic package.
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