quick question write off car

    hey quick Q here

    if i took out insurance paid for it annually, then wrote of my car mid way through and insurance company paid out, can i still claim the remainder of the insurance left or it that deemed void with the payout?


    they gave me my remaining months back when i wrote my car off..
    was a while ago though

    of course

    Usually policy ends with the payout.

    no, i doubt you will get anything

    you buy the insurance for the whole year

    they may allow you to pay in monthly installments but you still owe for any outstanding months

    i remembered that wrong.. actually i was paying monthly at the time by DD.. my car was wrote off and they took the next payment out shortly after, thats what i was given back.
    i never owed them anymore though

    If you pay all your insurance in one go they wont give you a refund for the remainer of the year but when I crashed my car 6 months into the year having paid off the full amount already, they allowed me to change the details of the insurance to the new car I bought and I didnt have to pay any more for the rest of that year.

    Wrong info given in here....

    If you end your insurance regardless of paying MONTHLY or ANNUALLY, they owe you the rest of the money. Otherwise its called being robbed. Ive done it before and it doesnt matter what the situation is, if your ending your insurance policy they HAVE to and WILL give you the remainder back.

    On cheapo policys there are early redemption/cancelation fees which if you on a cheap policy leaves little cash left for refund
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