quick many times can you get swine flu?

    ok i had swine flu back in August and i think i have it again, feeling worse then i did then, gotta love lots of ( i nnormally take Tramidol and parecitamol cos of my back)
    ive googled it and can't find an answer.
    Ive left a message at my GP's so he will ring me back after hours, dont want to go up there incase it is it again, when i had it last time the doctor didnt give me tamiflu as he said i am young and normally fit even with my asthma, I really dont want to take it if theres no need too.
    This today has come on really quick was fine this morning, but having just said that i was fine the day before i had pnuemonia too.. oh bugger !





    Not strictly true.... if it's a mutated strain I'm sure you can catch it again :thinking:

    i though you could get it more than once

    Once,I have had suspected Swine Flu and am now just back at work. You may of had Flu already but not swine flu you can't be sure unless you are tested

    this is a copy from a website re. swine flu

    Not if it is the same strain or a very similar strain of the virus to which you were originally exposed. Once you have been infected, your body has produced antibodies for the first infection, you will not get sick a second time because of the way our immune system in our bodies works.
    This is a simplified explanation of that immunity process. Our body has the ability to determine when some organism has invaded and, if it has a match to that organism stored from a prior invasion, the immune system quickly makes up a lot of the attack cells that worked in the past and destroys the invading cells or virus particles. If it is a new invading virus, usually our body can make cells that can match just right to destroy the new invader in a week to ten days. It can sometimes do this even more quickly for bacteria and other microbes.


    thanks guys, this is what i thought but the doc never did any tests so i … thanks guys, this is what i thought but the doc never did any tests so i dont really know?? i was really ill and couldnt get out of bed so it could have been normal flu.

    Well hope you feel better soon take care :friends:

    You can get the current Swine Flu variant only once, Your immune system will then produce antibodies that overwhelm the flu and enable your immune system to not be able to get it again,
    One thing that will happen though is that the flu will mutate while infecting and produce a very slightly more powerful variant in the future if it is spread.
    Due to too many people using medicines to control flus, the body's immune system cannot be used to full effect and becomes less powerful to future variants
    thus in the future the combination of ultra strong flu's vs low immune systems will be quite bad

    But don't worry about Swine Flu, it's just a massively hyped flu that is not dangerous, and cannot kill a healthy person and the governments lied to everyone to force them to buy anti viral drugs which in turn gave the drug companies billions of pounds


    rep left for all, I think i'll wait til the doctor rings me back, im more … rep left for all, I think i'll wait til the doctor rings me back, im more worried cos there was a " virus" in my sons class last week, 22 kids were off with high temps, vomitting, upset tummys, some had a rash, and some it upset thier asthma like with my son.Now this week its spread to other classes and half the teaching staff are off, on Friday the head was handing out Swine flu leaflets so i dont know what was in school and she wasnt botheredthanks Mikewouldnt the flu jab stop normal flu??? i aint never having that again either been ill more having it then i normally am

    The anti viral drug Tamiflu has been verified as being more dangerous to the body than the flu itself.
    I would advise only to take some kind of jab against it if you are either suffering from underlying health problems or being pregnant. the medicine could damage the baby though
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