Quick question.....How much does it cost to run a HD LCD TV/Monitor?

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Found 29th May 2009
I have had it for a day, it is pretty hot compared to a standard tv..........I have scanned the net but to no avail, I am not an eco warrior but I share bills, so I hope someone knows how much this thing is using compared to a normal tv...............anyone?


less than a normal tv, but still not an inconsiderable amount. and of course it depends on the size and make, i'm sure the peak power draw would be listed in the documentation somewhere.

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It's the LG 22", monitor/tv..............thing is, watts and all that stuff, I don't have a clue, just wanted to know if it uses more than a 14" basic tv...........because the picture is vibrant......of course........bright as hell......and hot too......like a radiator............I don't want it sucking the house dry:(

the backlight uses the most power by far so you can reduce the power draw a bit if you turn the brightness down.

It depends how much watts it uses to power.


I saw a graph once on bbc news website the LCD tvs start using more electricity than CRTs when you start going in the 32"+ region. So i would say your safe with your 22" and that it uses less than a CRT. My 19" LG user 65 watts btw

It will cost more all Lcd HD tvs use more
Put in your tv into the link below and it will show you the yearly cost
Then put in a CRT tv and see the difference!!!


I have scanned the net but to no avail

how hard did you scan a quick google of your own op title revealed about a pound a week with average usage for a 46" lcd
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