Quick quidco question...

    Hi, I am a complete quidco newbie (just signed up with them) so had a quick question. The quidco site recommends deleting your internet cookies prior to making a purchase. So I done this and ordered some stuff from hmv. It has in fact tracked and is showing £4.95 in my quidco account. But now I want to place a new order with hmv so do I delete the cookies again? If I do delete them, it won't mess up the first orders payment to quidco will it?


    Erm, ive never deleted cookies, and everything has tracked

    Nah. Deleting cookies is useful for the first time you been to the site, and if you visit the site again from another (inferior) site such as rpoints. It's reccomended then.

    If you want to be completely sure that it tracks you from Quidco and not another site or link, then you can delete your cookies, but it will do your head in in the end. You can delete the HMV cookie manually should you so wish, or get a program that can do it, instead of deleting all cookies.

    Deleting all cookies has the knock on effect of logging you out of all sites you use.

    I just move all the cookies and after I order I moved them back

    That's entirely sensible steffcip...think I'll start that procedure after I lost a fiver on quidco because it failed to track and it was with a retailer that did not accept enquiries from quidco.

    I just delete them before i go on to Quidco,its a pain but just to make sure it tracks and don't want the hassle of emaling them about it not tracking,but thats just me.


    I just move all the cookies and after I order I moved them back

    How do you do this steffcip? I usually delete all cookies & agree it can be a right pain in the [email protected]@@. (Still didn't help my £95 Barclays home insurance track though so now had to put in a query & hope it has better sucess than my others :x )

    Use a seperate browser just for QuidCo click throughs. It's the easiest way.

    Yeah Ray, there's lots about and if you have one soley to use for QuidCo you should be fine. Don't use it for HUKD'ing or anything else, only ever go to a retailer on there via QuidCo, so you may even want to set QuidCo as your homepage on it too.

    The chances are you use firefox or internet explorer.

    There's loads you can use though. Here's just a few alternatives...…ox/

    Thanks for that ducky..I've just installed opera and set the home page to lets hope for no more cashback losses.

    slimbrowser is another pretty good one ]http//ww…php

    I always delete my cookies
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