Quick quidco question, it says received on 26th Jan but nothing in my paypal account.

    I've set up my payments to go into my paypal account but I'm only getting a few payments now and again. I'm guessing tracked is when you first buy, then it goes to validated which means they have confirmed the payment. Surely received means that its been sent to your paypal?


    no paid is when they send it

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    no paid is when they send it

    So it should be in my paypal account now?

    sorry just read that again, do you mean it will say paid on my quidco account?

    Recieved is when Quidco receive it, not you......... Paid, is when you get it. :thumbsup:

    received means that quidco has recieved the money. you get paid at the end of each month to paypal or buy bacs to your bank account

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    So it will go Tracked, Validated, Received then Paid?


    So it will go Tracked, Validated, Received then Paid?

    Correct.... :thumbsup:

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    Thanks guys, what a helpful bunch you are!
    Rep given to you all.


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