QUICK!!! tips for buying a contract phone in a shop - going in 5 mins!!!!

    need some tips please not very good at haggling ghet all nervouse


    you'll not find better deal buying from a store than online...

    If you must buy from store, then find a few comparable deals online and see what the store can offer. Doubt they can offer much other than free accessories.

    Don't do it is my tip.

    Search online and get the best deal that way. Your not going to get anything AMAZING from a store...

    You'd get a better deal ringing up/doing it online.

    Agreed with above.

    Have a quick scan through here,look at some of the other deals/offers so you know what your talking about. If you are going with voda,know O2,Orange etc. tariffs for the same phone so you can say,well so and so are offering the same,but only charging such and such,but most of my friends are with you so I would rather go with you. Another thing,ALL retailers can work with 10%. Don't take NO for an answer. Worst comes to the worst,get something free,headset,voucher,etc.
    YOU CAN DO THIS :thumbsup:

    Just try it on - be cheeky - I don't like haggling either, but have got money knocked off things just by asking

    Think she left hehe

    Original Poster

    nope im here i just went on cod

    thks for your advice is there and one i should talk to like the manager to get the best deals?

    If you buy online you can also go through a cashback site.

    take a gun and you will get it for free...LOL

    Just like any other stores, salespersons cannot give as much as a manager could.

    Hey mum2b, you copied my avatar :-(
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