Quick way to cancel three contract?

    Does anybody know of a quick way of cancelling a three contract? I know a few months ago there was a way of doing it if you were on a mix and match plan, but I doubt it would still work after so many months.

    I'm just about to finish a 6month contract and was going to upgrade but their customer service is rubbish! Every time I rang somebody promised me one thing and not left any notes on the system so the "managers" said I couldn't have them when I phoned back, I accepted a upgrade in the end and they still managed to mess it up by not giving me what was promised. I've sent the phone back and now they are saying the 30days notice would start from now and not when I first phoned a week ago.

    Would phoning head office and complaining get me any where? Any suggestions?



    Phone them up and speak really fast.

    if you find it let me know! (serious)

    bargain surfer;4131962

    if you find it let me know! (serious)

    Same here got 1 month left on my contract.
    Is there and address you can write to cancel it would be damn sight easier than dealing there joke of a call centre.

    What about phoning them up and saying that you are in financial difficulty and that you will pay all that you owe up to now, but you won't be afford to continue and you want to cancel so that you don't get into debt with them

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