Quick Way To Raise Money For A Laptop?

    Now before any rude replys or funny replys I'm being serious lol!
    I'm 16 and I have a saturday job but thats nowhere near enough and I need some money for my holidays and leeds festival.
    Any suggestions?
    Any online surveys for cash etc?


    Dang, serious thread

    You could try lightspeed surveys.

    Work other days of the week

    Gamble ((if you look old enough)

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    Gamble ((if you look old enough)


    Work other days of the week


    I wish I could but the manager is a ****!!!

    Anyone any experience in online surveys?

    sell your consoles and rebuy them once you have the money.

    Do odd jobs for relatives and such?

    What sort of laptop do you need?
    Does it have to be a fancy modern fast one or just a cheap workhorse?

    You want money for a laptop, your holidays and the Leeds festival

    Go out and work for it, you want way too much. When I was your age I was working at Roadchef for for 5 pound an hour and I done 8 hours every Sat and Sunday at least and was even working some evenings. and holidays... I didn't have any I worked through them saving all my money.

    I didn't need to my parents generally paid for everything I wanted but I wanted to work to give me the best start for when I went into full time employment. I'd like to add aswell I cycled to work and back which took over an hour no matter what the weather.

    If your not willing to work hard lower your sights a bit and perhaps just go for one thing at a time rather than looking for get money quick schemes

    Go to Tesco online and buy 2x Samsung M110 Solid mobile phones for £34.97 each (inc free delivery) and then resell them. If you try to order more than two your order will be cancelled.

    You would need to unlock them to all networks as they are on Tesco Mobile (which can be done for free - pm me and I'll tell you how).

    They fetch around £50 +p&p on eBay.

    In my book thats a fairly easy £30 - sure beats working 6 hours at Little Chef!!! :-D

    Depends. You can buy and sell stuff on ebay if you have a small amount of spare cash. Takes money to make money as they say. I was selling games on ebay that I picked up in local shops or you could go round boot sales to pick up things to sell on a sunday morning.

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    I am working hard but I ws just wondering if anyone had any suggestions
    thanks anyway



    I am working hard but I ws just wondering if anyone had any … I am working hard but I ws just wondering if anyone had any suggestionsthanks anyway

    Best thing to do is just work work work.

    Buy and sell on ebay on the side.

    Sorted :thumbsup:
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