Quick Windows Server License Query

    If there is a company with 20 users, and 5 Windows 2008 servers, how many user CALs will they require?

    Is it 20 (because there are 20 users, and it doesn't matter how many servers they access)
    or is is 100 (because there are 20 users accessing 5 different servers)



    20 User Cals will suffice as this will cover the licensing for all servers. If you have Hyper-V there may be additional requirements though. [URL="Microsofts own site "]…ng/ [/URL]is the best place to start as it can be very tricky to work out

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    Thanks, I've been trying to get a straight answer from the MS site for ages!

    Does the same apply for terminal services then?
    Ie, I just need 20 terminal services user CALS to cover all the users, no matter how many actual terminal servers I have?

    Yep CALs are either user or device CALs, so 20 TS (or RDS) user CALs will suffice for each user that connects to however many terminal service servers you are running.

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    Nice one, cheers.
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