Quick Xbox 360 question

    Hi everyone,

    Will this work on my (unmodded) UK 360?…21/…21/

    Thanks in advance everyone!


    NOt sure, I haven't seen it confirmed yet - Call of Duty 3 was region free which is a good sign CoD4 but no guarantee. I recommend keeping an eye on the Play-Asia site as they detail region compatibility for all 360 games.


    Under [color=red]shopping note[/color] it says: 'This game only works with the Asian Version of XBox 360 Console'

    I havent checked but usually they sell region free ones which work everywhere so it might be best waiting for that...

    This game only works with the Asian Version of XBox 360 Console.

    Stop being a tight ar*e and pay the extra for the uk version! :giggle:

    It is definately region free.

    I can confirm this as the ones on xbox360iso are listed as region free.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the replies everyone

    I checked fleabay too , and there's loads of region frees for sale from Hong Kong and Canada, so i've taken the plunge!

    with the $5 coupon and quidco, it works out at just over £20 - BARGAIN!
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