Quickway to Sell A Fish Pond With Eight Gold Fish & Home Gym Equipment

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Found 8th Jan 2015
Hi, I am trying to sell my Fish Pond With Eight Gold Fish & Home Gym Equipment but not having any luck so far.

Can anyone suggest the quickest way to sell the whole lot?

  1. Ask
  2. Gold
  3. Gym
  1. Ask
  2. Gold
  3. Gym

you tried gumtree? or maybe a local paper who may have a 'for sale' section?
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eBay- unless the fish actually use the home gym equipment - in which case I'll take it

A local facebook selling group is the way I normally go these days.
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I have tried gumtree but no luck so far.

eBay - too risky.

How will I find a local facebook selling group?

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Thank You.


eBay - too risky.

why do you say that? Have you had bad experiences previously?

i have sold plenty on there from CDs to furniture without any problems. Fees can be annoying but I think it will be the widest audience. Use PayPal to ensure safe payment (more feels unfortunately)

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Yes I had really bad experiences & would seriously prefer face to face sale.

Even on Gumtree people are really time wasters & would harass you in every possible way.

try advertising in a local gym and aquarium..

Gumtree! Home gym equipment is like used printers, worth a fraction of what you paid for it. I picked up an excellent exercise bike that the buyer paid £199 at argos for £35! like new, used twice, you can see the marks where the coat hangers have been holding clothes on oO

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Thank you for your kind input.
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