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Found 12th Jul 2006

I keep seeing "buy through quidco" on a lot of deals.
What is quidco and is it worth signing up?


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[COLOR=purple]Yes its worth signing up to [/COLOR][COLOR=purple]its like a referal site they get paid a fee for refering you to companies and then they pass the money on to you good eh.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]you will need a paypal account to get the money though[/COLOR]


you will need a paypal account to get the money though

Although they are currently working on getting BACS bank transfer sorted. I don't know how long that will take though.

[SIZE=2]The MOST important difference between Quidco and other cashback sites is that QUIDCO gives you 100% of the commission they earn on your transaction. A yearly flat £5 fee is payable. Whereas, other sites keep 50% (normally) of the commission.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]A balanced review of Quidco can be found here[/SIZE]


QuidCo earns you the cashback on items you'd be buying anyway [as well as ones found here to tempt you lol].

As edi says, most other cashback sites only give you back a part of the money you earn by clicking throuigh their links. The £5 is only taken once per year and you won't have to pay that unless you've reached £5. Everything after that, is 100% yours.

Tracking your deals bought through your personal QuidCo links is usually quite fast. Payments to a PayPal account can take around three months if retailers are slow sending your money to QuidCo, although some retailers are faster to pay up than others.


What is quidco and is it worth signing up?

Highly recommended...! Made me £50 last month.

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Superb!! I will sign up today. Thanks guys, as usual a fountain of knowledge!
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