Im looking to start to use Quidco as everyone goes on about it on here,,, and from what i understand, its a cashback thing that they give you for the fee they get fro advertising/linking into others sites... which is fair enough..

    however,, a few things i dont get are:

    - How do they know i've actually done it.. like i saw this one for and its says reserve online and go buy instore.. well how would they know if i actaully went to buy instore?...

    - what the heck are QUIDCLANS.. why should i join one, how do i join one... and eerrmmm what and why again,,,,...?..


    any info would be useful, as i joined, and tried to read the help but just dont get it... need it in simple english.. not the fancy stuff....



    quidclan is like a forum - quite pointless.

    Topcashback is another one,might be better joining that as they don't take an annual fee out of your earnings of five pounds like Quidco do.

    Original Poster

    Cheers... but which one is better....

    Topcashback or Quidco?....

    £5 isn't a mountain of cash, pick the website you like the 'feel' of

    kandiman1983 you don't have to join the Quidclans to be able to read the money making tips.
    I just skim through and check out the best ideas they come up with.

    Qudico are slowly getting rid of their daily clicks, which is carp! I just got £6.00 clawed back because they made a pigs ear of the win4 daily clicks...

    it's great if your already buying stuff as you get a small amount cashback for going through quidco but don't expect to get the cash straight away can take months and months and with the admin fee you might not see any cash for 6months or so, stick with it though as the way I see it, it's money I never had!

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    well the only reason im consider it is cus of that o2 broadband promotion,... plus i wanna buy a laptop from currys and seeing if i can get any discount from that if at all possible...?....

    Cheers guys, its been useful, i may try it, and if it works, sweet... else, i daint really loose anything, as i was gonna buy it anyway...



    as the way I see it, it's money I never had!

    yeah i agree I only discovered Quidco and Topcashback when i joined HUKD.

    I'm following the: no spend offers Quidclan and The spend a little and get more cash back Quidclan.

    I think for the PC world thing that you need to actually buy it on line to get the cashback, it won't work if you only reserve on line and pay in store.

    there was an argos collect in store cashback, they were manually processed, you gave quidco the reservation number and they followed up with argos to see if the transaction had been completed.

    yes they get feedback from the store concerned.. thats how the store can decline to pay the cashback if your order is cancelled or something x
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