I went through quidco to order something for £349 but its not showin gin quidco. does this mean it ain't tracked or does it take time and if it hasn't tracked is there any way I can get round it ?


    it does take a few days sometimes to track, i have my own issues with quidco whereby i bought a contract phone via carphone warehouse and it was tracking and now declined, since november, guys at quidco have sent a memo to carphone warehouse but still no joy, whats to say quidco get paid and every now and again advise the customer the merchant didnt.... i'm not accusing quidco here, i'm just stating that its open to abuse.


    Give it a few days to a week to track, then log a ticket if it doesn't show up- it may ask you to wait until a certain date before making a ticket- you can do this from your earnings page, look for the option Missing or Incorrect Earnings.... go to Missing Transactions... then submit an enquiry.
    You'll need your customer number, order number, value of purchase etc.
    Quidco will update your ticket whenever they've been in contact with the merchant and email you to tell you it's been updated

    On the subject of qudico, i have asked them to send my via paypal.

    Now for them to do this, do i just need to enter my paypal adress or my card details aswell?



    Just update your email address- your bank details are seperate altogether

    Guys, can you please keep quidco posts in this thread:…ot/

    This is the one observed by quidco, and queries can be answered.
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