Found 27th May 2008
HI guys,,, seen as you lot are quidco made ( and y not i say) i decided to sign up for it this morning, and followed quidco link thru to ebay to purchase something,, i paid thru paypal but at no point after getting onto ebay did i see anything relating to quidco,,, i checked my cookie settings were correct

any ideas or have i done it right and just takes time to track on quidco

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provided you have gone through to ebay from quidco site it will track - there is nothing on ebay for it. its the track from quidco that does it

it takes a while to track. as long as you went through the link in quidco then it should be ok

it can take awhile sometimes maby check back tomorrow to see if its there im having the oppisite problem logged in today and i have somethng tracked that i didnt do xx

It is very clever how it does it because it is all automatic and just follows you after you go through the quidco site. Great little earner. It usually takes more than a day for ebay items to track i have found.

any site you want to have cash back from has to have been through the quidco site - put quidco t in you favourites, when yoy visit a site and see something you want to buy close it down open yp favourites click quidco then visit the site and purchase through their site

Don't forget to vote in the QuidCo comp!

Oh, yea, all tracking is long as you click on the link within QuidCo, you should be fine.
Also, QuidCo is NOT guaranteed

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:w00t: cheers guys thks for the advise,,,,,

wish id thought of it before the 1st 3 purchases i made this morning but hey ho have mucho money to spend, getting a ps3 on friday wots best site to go thru quidco for that ,,,,

wow didnt know quidco did ebay! annoyed now
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