Have not been able to get on Quidco for 24 hours is anyone else having trouble?



    no... been on today - i go on mozilla to access though have probs when i use i.e

    vote for birdyboy:thumbsup:

    nope, all fine!

    I hope you've all voted for me in the comp! :-D…71/

    Oh, no problems for me either...

    no problems here

    maybe the missus has blocked on your firewall to stop you spending all your cash? ;-)

    yeah I've been having problems!!
    It only seems to work by adding a shop, try the example below…hs/


    I hope you've all voted for me in the comp! :-D … I hope you've all voted for me in the comp! :-D, no problems for me either...

    voted for you - good luck

    Couldn't get onto QUIDCO also for 24 hours,
    when switched on my computer.

    Thanks for the votes peops! :-D

    i had the same problem earlier. but if you use a link to any page (other than the index page) it works

    Me too - used the link in this thread & got in OK... very bizarre!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the tips yes it works with a retailler link not in the normal way thou

    Same problem here
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