Found 14th Jul 2008
Please could someone explain what quidco is? im sure this has appered before just i can find thread and i dont really understand even though i have been on site?

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edit: oops just read thread, lol

basicly you go onto their site and visit the site you wish to buy from via their site.

when you place an order, a percentage of the total of the order will be tracken in your quidco account.

eventually you will get paid this money in either paypal or a chosen bank account

quidco is basically a site you sign up to and they get paid an amount of the item you purchase, you must click on the site that you wanto buy via the site and the amount that is showed will be credit to your quidco account. any other queries


It's a chance and not a guarantee though, so don't base your buying decisions on it, see it as a nice extra which you might get.

It does cost you £5 a year tho out of your savings but anythings good if you get something back :thumbsup:


Details on Quidco can be found on the Quidco site, any questions, please post ]here

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