Hi I'm very very new to this site and have noticed a lot of people mentioning Quidco, could someone give me some info as to what it is, and is it worth joining the site.



    Its a cashback site

    you buy something online and you may get cashback if going through quidco

    also try sometimes offers more than quidco

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    Thank you compo, I'll havea look at the sites


    What are they?

    Cashback sites pay you money if you purchase products through their links.

    How do they work?

    Cashback sites are a form of internet advertising. There are many internet shops out there and these shops reward websites for directing traffic to them. When you click on an advert banner or link on one website (affiliate/publisher site) and then go on to purchase an item from the site they link to (seller site), the publisher will often get a commission. This is called affiliate marketing. Heres a diagram to help explain how it works.

    When normally the affiliate site will keep the commision they get cashback sites will pass this commision onto the customer. This means if you are a regular internet shopper you could save yourself lots of money.

    How do cashback sites make money?
    There are a few ways that cashback sites make money.
    They do not pass on 100% of the commission, often cashback sites will only give you half of the commission and keep some for themselves. Although some will give you all the commision.
    Charge an annual fee. Some cashback sites will charge a small annual fee for their services usually taken from the cashback you earn.
    Charge a fee to withdraw your savings. They may charge a small fee for you to transfer your savings to your bank account.
    Earn interest from your money. Many cashback sites will require you to earn a certain amount in cashback before you can withdraw it, this means that they can earn interest on your savings in the meantime.

    Try rpoints, more reliable than quidco generally and they'll match quidco rates. They also give you a fiver to join and if a friend refers you then they'll give your friend a fiver too.

    Obviously if you refer more people in the future you'll get a fiver for each.

    You can also take your money out as Amazon vouchers for a 4% discount.

    pea wee;2605389

    rpoints are pants.see here to compare and see who pays the highest … rpoints are pants.see here to compare and see who pays the highest

    i second that! as far as quidco being unreliable! I have never had a problem and have had over £400 back from them and had to constantly contact rpoints asking where my points were!?

    pea wee;2605389

    rpoints are pants.see here to compare and see who pays the highest … rpoints are pants.see here to compare and see who pays the highest


    Rpoints will match quidco so it's irrellevant who pays the most!

    I'm more than happy with quido - it's OK when you buy stuff but comes into it's own when you start doing your insurance through it like home & car insurance.

    I joined quidco in February. I took out 2 mobile contracts and my house insurance through them and changed gas/electricity supplier and I've earned £540. Haven't had a problem with any of them tracking, so I'd definately recommend joining.

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