Can someone give me a simple yet detailed talk through of what Quidco is? I am a regular visitor of the website, but don't have the genes in me to know what Quidco is and or how to get it or use it?

    I'm wanting to buy this chair:…ck/

    Yet it says £23 pounds, I don't have a clue how to get it for that price?

    Any help would be grateful!


    :thumbsup: Just goto the Quidco Website and click on Help. It should tell you all you need to know, such as: Earning and Getting Paid,
    Tracking and Transactions
    Visit this section to get a basic understanding of how cashback works, and learn important best practices to minimise common problems. Also find information on earnings status and tracking times.
    Technical Factors that can affect Cashback Tracking
    An in-depth look at how to configure your browser and computer to optimise cashback tracking.
    Missing Transactions and Earnings Enquiries
    Sometimes things go wrong. Read here to find out more about missing, incorrect and declined transactions, and what can cause them.
    Earnings Enquiry Submissions
    All about earnings enquiries, how to submit one and how they work.
    All about Payments
    Learn more about how payments are sent to you, how they are scheduled and how the Admin Fee works.:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Sounds complicated but I'll try my best, just Quidco in google it is then. Thank-you very much!


    Sounds complicated ...

    Don't worry. I've been a member of Quidco for ages and teamsupport's post confused me!

    Simplified version:

    1. Join Quidco.

    2. Follow the link on the Quidco site to the appropriate merchant and purchase something.

    3. Get your cashback- eventually.

    The reason you can`t get the chair for £23 is that the deal has expired. It has now reverted to £55
    Keep checking back though because they are often on offer! :thumbsup:

    if only there was a facility on this site where you could type something in a text box, and, as if by magic, the page would change and show items that you were looking for.....

    someone who invented such black magic would earn a lot of money!!!

    to find the best deals youve got to dig deep and the best ones are usually on here,

    the harder you try the more you save
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