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I do a average amount of online shopping, the occasional spree too. Is it worth signing up to quidco? Or more hassle than it’s worth?

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Signing up takes a minute and then going through a quidco link to a site takes an extra 15 seconds. The cash back you can potentially gain should be worth your time. I see it as money for free. I tend to save my cash back for a yea or so then withdraw it just in time for my holiday.
Definitely worth it, just don’t get sucked into hours of playing their crappy seasonal games to win nothing!
Prefer TopCashback myself
just don't be like me, joined Quidco about 10 years ago, have remembered to use it twice in all that time - got about £10! Withdrew it. Can't remember password or login details now
Sign up as it's free and you get extra for doing the usual shop. Nothing to lose.
I don't use it for normal shopping, just things such as contracts, phone, home insurance, car, internet etc. It's literally FREE MONEY.
Yes sign up and topcashback while you are about it i can heartily recommend checkoutsmart as well

just remember cashback is never guaranteed don't buy anything on that basis

also these companies have been known to go under take out your cashback as soon as available.
I've earned over £1500 cashback in the past 8 years or so buying mostly what I would have bought anyway.
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