hi do you get quidco cashback when doing grocery shopping please


    I don't think you can, you certainly can't with Sainsburys anyway as I use both of them, would be VERY nice if you could though, I think they would end up giving too much out, I spend £140 a fortnight so that would be a whole lot of quidco cashback if it applied!!

    you can get £5 for the first online order for both asda and tesco...and some %off certain things, not including groceries...and M&S go 5% on all sales...not sure you can order groceries online from them though there the only ones i can see

    doesnt mysupermarket or whatever its called (you do your shopping then it shows you the baskets from the different retaillers.) do quidco cashback ???

    My supermarket does ipoints, which is better than nothing!

    You can get ipoints from using mysupermarket

    You can get quidco on your first tesco order (£5)

    You used to be able to get quidco for joining mysupermarket, you cant at the moment but I think they are in negotiations

    You can get nectar points from Sainsburys (and Amazon) but not quidco
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