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Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 57 m ago)
Q: Pl can someone let me know what all falls under General Retail category purchse ?

Message from Quidco received in my email from Quidco is as under:

Quirks £10 General Retail Bonus Cashback minumun spent £5 ( Does that also means if I spend £5 , I will get £ 10 cash back ?)
Opt in for your £10 Bonus Cashback when you make your next purchase in the General Retail category.

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    Usually there is a list of eligible retailers in the terms and conditions, so if you received an email for this offer, you'll have to click on opt in via the email and this should open the offer page and then click on the terms and conditions from there.

    This should show a list of eligible retailers for this offer.
    It does open a list of eligible retailers,however since I am new to Quidco, I want to know how would I select the retailer on the website, for Quidco to track my offer. The retailers for the cash back on the offer have no link on the Quidco for tracking.
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    Did you opt in before the limit was reached on 26 December? Yesterday, 25 January, would have been the last day to use the offer before it expired.
    Its shown on my Quidco account and I have to buy from any retailer within for 30 days after opting in.