Found 13th Dec 2009
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could explain to me, how quidco works.
I was going through there site, I like there deals.

I was attracted to apply for a credit card (HSBC - £20 cash back) for the Christmas shopping.

Can anyone tell me how quidco process?
Do I need to pay them?
How reliable are they?
Whats the catch?

PS: I am a HSBC customer, and therefore I am entitled for there credit card.

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Basically you sign up and when you earn more than £5 a yeerly fee is taken which is £5, anything on top of that is yours, what you have to do is register and then click on the HSBC site through quidco and then stay in the same window whilst making purchase.

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Do I need to pay £5, from my pocket?


no its out of your earnings, once you reach £5 they will take it, [url][/url] is free,. and they match quidcos rate

No it comes from your first earnings, say you bought something and the quidco was £10, they would take £5 from that and you would get the remaining £5. Everything else you earn you keep the full amount. Each year they take £5.


Locking this, details on Quidco can be found on Quidco's own site.

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