Ok, so im a newbie on quidco. i purchased a palm pre from O2 via quidco and it has £35 cash back offer on it, but it is not showing in my balance. along with a few other items it is showing as being tracked?
    Any ideas what that means??
    or am i just being stupid??

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    As long as it's showing as tracked then your fine, if something doesn't show up then you can open a payment claim through quidco but think u have to wait around 15 days until u can put a claim in

    It has to show as tracked first,then at a later date it should show as validated before it becomes paid in a few months time so you wont get it for quite a while yet

    it will take up to 2 months before you get ur $$

    Each site takes it's own good time to show up through quidco. Recently I have found that items have tracked quicker than previously and more success in general in getting cash back. Always make sure that you have signed in to quidco b4 going to merchant as otherwise you will not get benefit. The 'appeals/claims' process through quidco is extremely frustrating. Often it simply ends by them declining your claim... well that's my experience anyway.

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    Cheers peeps

    rep added.

    Tracked means the link between Quidco and the retailer has been recognised.
    Validated means the retaiuler has confirmed the transaction and will pay the amount.
    Received means the payment has been received by Quidco
    Paid means Quidco have paid you the money.

    There is another one Tracked* which in effect means its validated but will go straight to receivd.
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