I dont know if this is the right place but anyhow, so i joined Quidco, added Paypal as my payment method for them to pay me.

    Am just not really sure wtf i do lool. OK so i just click "Visit retailer to earn cashback"?

    So am on now, clicked on Tesco. The URL is just Then i have to go to for a Bluray, i order as normal and i get the cashback?

    What am saying is in the url shouldnt there be something about Quidco? How does it know i went on and ordered through quidco rather than just going Google > Tesco Entertainment?

    Hope this makes since, BTW i havnt ordered yet am still trying to work it out haha.


    It tracks using cookies.

    No, the url will look normal

    Sounds like you are using it right

    Some sites do have "quidco" in the url but majority don't. To make your chances of getting a tracked purchase, clear your cookies then go through Quidco the site and buy your items. You should get the money tracked (confirmed by e-mail).

    I ordered from Tesco and did the above but it still didn't track so I had to open a query through Quidco after 30 or so days and hope it gets accepted. My last enquiry was accepted by Dell but not by Additions Direct (the one before that).

    It wont track straight away, could take minutes, could take days

    Oh, and topcashback is worth looking at, you dont have to pay a £5 yearly fee, better customer service, and the rates are usually the same anyway

    just be careful that you havent already been to the site and looked at the item you want to buy before you go via quidco, as this can sometimes cause it not to track. I use a different browser for quidco transactions.

    Of course. I may just be believing an old wives tale:giggle:

    Original Poster

    Thanx for the answers guys, cookies mmm lol. So do you think its best i flush my cookies everytime before i want to buy through Quidco? I kind of get it now as i never thought about cookies lol. Like i say i havent yet actually used it, just browsing around, i understand that it may take awhile i did read about that

    Thanx alot guys.

    I wouldn't use paypal for the following reasons:

    1) Pay fees for recieving cashback
    2) Takes longer to get (paypal sending to bank)
    3) £50 limit to get cashback (so if you order insurance for £100, it would be done in 2 payments).

    Quidco is secure for bank details, they can only send you money using the info and set up direct debits (but you are covered by direct debit guarantee, if this happens). The pages are secured by an SSL encryption (padlock on a website browser) so it's as safe as you can get.

    BT is the best way, near instant access to funds, and no paying paypal :-D

    Quidco use url redirects instead of sending a long id, e.g.…-id (means you can't see their merchant id etc...

    When you go through the link, your computer is tagged with a cookie, which tells the website a little about who sent you, and about you... This is the way thw system works, so if you visit the page, and don't buy, but go back in a few days, quidco would still get paid for referring you.

    DO not delete your cookies or you risk losing out on the cashback, but if you do, you can just give quidco the transaction ID and they can track it for you.

    It's good to use another browser for quico etc, as if you use a site like hukd or moneysavingexpert, you may click a referrral link and give them the referral fee... I use google chrome for my quidco stuff and never had any major issues :-D

    Original Poster

    Thank you guys I have bought "The Mask" from HMV, i didnt use another browser as i couldnt be bothered at the time to download 1, i did look at the deal from here to HMV which may mess with the cashback but we will see its only 25p i think lol. I havent had no email saying i have the CB yet, but i know it could take some time.

    I have now downloaded Google Chrome to do all my furture Quidco deals on.

    Also changed payment from Paypal to Bank account

    so from now on i can check the deal on here (Firefox) then if i like it i can just load Chrome > QC > Link to site > Done?

    thank you guys, REP given to all :thumbsup:
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