could someone be so kind to explain it to me? how do u get further discounts?
    thank you


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    Hiya, i sent someone info on quidco yesterday too :giggle:

    Sign up, first £5 you make will be deducted.

    Basically, clear your cookies then log into quidco.

    Find the merchant you want if there listed, then simply click through and purchase like normal
    A while later depending on the stats of the company it will show up how much you will getback shortly

    Original Poster

    thanks alot people
    much appreciated

    Clearing cookies can result in annoyances when using other websites, not to mention people look at many sites via affiliated links anyways
    I find it better to just have a seperate browser dedicated for quidco use nip over to [url][/url] or [url][/url] and grab a free browser which you know will always have quidco only entries in it.
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