I joined Quidco recently, never heard of it before until i joined here.
    Just wondered how long it takes to see cashback on ur quidco account once uve purchased something?


    2 weeks to 2 years, depends on so many things.

    Depends on the retailers, most will "track" within a few days, but it can take months for the money to be paid to you....

    Quidco sucks, hardly tracks

    Try Topcashback lol

    Usually takes a day or a few days to 'track' ie your purchase has been recognised, should be 3 months to receive the cash. You can submit a query if nothing has happened over a certain peiord of time.

    Depends on the retailer, it actually says this on the site if you look

    Hardly ever use Quidco now, much prefer to use Topcashback now. No yearly cost and 99.9% of transactions track with no problem.

    7months here for O2

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    thanks guys ive joined topcashback now
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