Quidco: Accepting BACS payments

Found 11th Feb 2007
I would like to change my payments from PayPal to BACS because the charges are less and you get money instantly!

I just have a question about the sort code entry and the Account holders name part. For the sort code do I enter the code like:

12-13-14 or
12 13 14 or

I am a bit confused about this and how you enter your name eg:

Mr A Example or
Mr An Example or plain
A Example

Please help!:)
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I think I just put numbers.. got my payment OK. Not 100% sure though. Someone else should be able to verify (or if noone replies try pming Paul himself?)
Original Poster
Thanks for the reply Sean. Just want to get it right because I dont want to risk not getting paid.
I think i entered my sort code as 12-34-56,but i doubt it makes any difference as long as you give the 6 numbers in correct order.Just enter your name exactly as it appears on your bank cheques.HTH.
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