quidco advise needed - please

    just gone through quidco to buy partners motor insurance - quidco in my name - insurance in his

    will this still be tracked to my account

    advise welcomed



    As long as you used Quidco link it will. I've used Quidco for insurance and mobile phone contracts in several different names and they've all tracked.

    yes, i would have thought so as long as it tracks i don't think it matters what name you use.

    Yes should do it worked for me on the Car account and in hubby's name.

    Original Poster

    :thumbsup::thumbsup:thanks guys

    I'd be careful, I've bought stuff in the past for people and it tracks, but then gets declined - its happened twice!! May just be a coincidence.

    If its a big amount of money then just get your partner to sign up.

    I'd be more than careful!

    "Only UK residents who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to open Quidco accounts. We allow only one account per person, and multiple people may not use the same account.

    We reserve the right to suspend user accounts without notice if we have reason to suspect that any of the above requirements are not being met, or if we find that a member is being in any way abusive to either our staff or our merchants. We require our users to act according to the guidelines laid out in Quidco Etiquette and in a way that is conscientious of Quidco's collective well-being."
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