Quidco Amazon Voucher Cashback question

Found 28th Jul 2014
Hey, apologies for asking here, I tried Quidco support and got the brush off, but I figured I'd double check here.

I've recently started using Quidco, and was due a chunk of cashback. I elected for Amazon vouchers, as I have Premium so get 5% more (and the 5% difference was more than the cost of premium!).

My quidco homepage has said thats its confirmed and paid, and has done since last week, the "my next payment" option is sat at £0.00 as it insists I've been paid.

If I go to quidco.com/pay…ts/ it says "24 Jul 2014 XX.XX Paid by Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate *"

Oddly the XX.XX amount is minus the 5% lift and where it says * after amazon GC is where the voucher code would be on a friends account, but for mine its just a star, even though it insists on getting me to enter my password to view my code.

Is this how it works, will the code appear there "eventually" or has something gone a miss?
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Check your email account that's registered to Quidco (Inbox/Junk Mail) mine usually appear there a few days after Quidco says it's been paid...

Email Address: quidco@e.quidco.com
Heading: Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate payment confirmation

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They had loads of probs earlier in the month with Amazon vouchers, I contacted them to complain and then the code appeared on the payments page.... This was about 14 days after the request. Note, I never got the voucher code via email for some reason. Keep nagging them if it doesn't come through
I had to wait 2 weeks.
I think it's a scam so people forget they claimed it.
I even rang twice saying I'm forgetting.
Any way she said go on payments then look for details of monthly payments etc. Their is the code next to it saying xx xx voucher number and paid by Amazon and dates. its the history area too.
You need to go on the actual website not app
Do you have to use the Amazon gift voucher all in one order, or if you use half for instance can you use it again?
I think the gift voucher is applied like a wallet, so Amazon will say "You have £100 gift credit, would you like to apply this to this order?" and your order will be £25, and once you have placed that order, it will then say "You have £75 gift credit" and so on.

You enter your gift code on your My Account section.
My advice is dont apply for the Amazon voucher. At the time I chose to go for the voucher I thought I might be making a mistake. No emails no nothing. The balance has disappeared from my Quidco account and I am in limbo. Never again. Wonder if Topcashback are a better bet particularly given the comments on here.
I use topcashback with amazon vouchers and it works fine. Usually takes a couple of days and you log back into your TCB account and you can find the gift voucher code which you apply to your amazon account.

Currently trying the same through quidco and it seems a little different. The money is showing as gone from my quidco account, but no emails, nothing. Hopefully something will arrive soon!
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