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Found 30th Nov 2006
hi, i just got my my first car and got my first ever car insurance, i had put my email address which is registered with quidco as in email address in the insurance quote, i did this bout 1 hour ago and quidco still hasn't tracked my cashback....

have i filled in the data wrong??? was i suppose to do it a different way with car insurance???

what is going on???

anyone help me???


Tracking can take 0-2 days with pru according to their stats.
You did do the usual clickthrough etc?

Original Poster

clickthrough??? sorry, am new to quidco too

Ie did you log into quidco, search for pru, then click their link to prus website while logged in?

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nop, i been told that if you put in ur email address which is registered with quido it is automatically checked and done automatically

Where did you read that?

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someone told me when i asked what quidco was all about, i also did it without logging in when i purchased an item from HMV and it worked and i didn't have to log in, i just used the email address which i created with quidco

AFAIK you'd have needed to have clicked through... give it a few days as if it is done by email it wont be quick as itll quite possibly be done through manual checking.
if its not there in a couple weeks open an enquiry

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cheers but it better be there!!! need the £100

You're supposed to click through the quidco site every time you make a purchase.

It does store cookies though, and sometimes if you buy from a site a few days later, it will track.

But if you've never clicked through to pru from the quidco link, there's not much hope of getting this.

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GREAT! which ***** was it that told me i didn't have to log in!!!!!!!

Your other personality??? Really, I don't think it was anyone here.... :?

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let me find it

[SIZE=2]I can't see that in any replies to your quidco queries. I think you might have picked someone up wrong...[/SIZE]

You should have 14 days to cancel the policy.
If you still have time, cancel it and try again. Don't count on Quidco for a definite payment, if you can find cheaper insurance from other companies use them. Quidco are NOT 100% reliable regards cashback.


Quidco are NOT 100% reliable regards cashback.

Most especially if you don't click through them... :oops:


Most especially if you don't click through them... :oops:

:giggle: :giggle: Don't rub it in, Emma :giggle: :giggle:

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i'll cancel the policy and do it again by logging in this time
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