Quidco and Asda

    Not happy!!! Did a transaction on Asda via Quidco about 6 weeks ago. It didn't track so tried to submit an enquiry. Quidco stated that I had to wait until 4th October to submit an enquiry - ok I thought. Tried to do it just now and Quidco no longer accepts enquiries for What is that all about?

    It's not the amount that is bothering me, it is the principal of the matter. So just in case you are buying something on there via Quidco, beware.


    lol..............after all their fanfare about it as well a week or so ago.

    Seems that it is Asda who are not accepting enquiries.
    Quidco need to dump them if they want to keep users happy.


    Locking this now, please use the thread above

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