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Found 7th Nov 2008
Recently i orderd a new contract from orange and went through quidco.
I kept the phone for 3 days then cancelled the contract but the £50 is still in my quidco.
If it has already tracked surely they cant take the money back???

If not i might order a few more and then cancel them haha


The money hasnt been received by Quidco its just that its tracked, they will very likely decline it later.

yes what kidcat said.
HMV were very naughty once i exchanged something with them as wrong item sent and they declined by already tracked transaction. But i only exchanged didnt have a refund so cashback should of stood but since it was only like £1.43 i couldnt be asked for the hassle

I ordered broadband through O2 but they cancelled it saying my MAC code from BT wasn't valid. I haven't got round to re-ordering it yet but noticed that my Quidco had tracked and paid £25....bonus!! :thumbsup:

I have still received the money a few times but more often than not it gets declined. Not worth taking the chance of ordering another contract to cancel it will destroy your credit rating to have loads of searches done by Orange.


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