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Found 14th May 2007
do you get charged much for getting your payments from quidco via paypal?
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quidco dont charge but paypal will take their fees i presume, i have mine paid via bacs, just a 5p fee taken by quidco
whats the percentage from paypal? any ideas? also, do paypal charge to pay to your bank account? many thanks x
its been a while but i think they do if the withdrawal is under £50, hopefully someone can confirm that

fees where 20p plus a perecentage of the amount, again its been a while so someone else will have to confirm
thanx 4 that xxx
If you have a personal account it is free.

If you have a premier account, every time you receive a payment it is 20p + 3.4%.

Withdrawal is free if it is over 50 pounds, if under there is a charge.
how do i get a premier account? do i have to pay? how do i find out if thats what ive already got?

i just checked i have got a premier account - i know i sound silly but what does that mean to me with regards to fees?
does that mean its better to downgrade to a personal account?
To be honest, I would say most people have a pemier account. There are limits with personal accounts that you have probably already hit. If I was you I would just take bacs for quidco, it will work out cheaper and easier. It was recently asked what method people used with quidco on here, of the people that replied all but one used bacs and they switched.
thanks for that, seems paypal and ebay are on a real good thing with all of these fees they get - i know its only a few pence here and there- but it really does add up!!! i appreciate your help xxx
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