Quidco and sim only deals.....

    Just wanting to clarify something, i currently have a sim free iphone and im looking around for the best/cheapest deal to use with it. Now, I obviously need a data tariff so the best/only companies to go for are T-Mobile, o2 and Vodafone, all of whom offer sim only cards for various prices and "unlimited" data tariffs for £7.50 a month. Im wanting to test them all to see which is the best

    Now, my question is this, on Quidco you can get various amounts paid into your account, since the account is for 30 days, and you have to give 30 days notice, then the minimum amount of time you can be on contract is 2 months. Would two months be enough to get paid by Quidco? Because in that case, assuming that you go for the £20 a month tariff you could actually make a profit on Vodafone since they are offering £90 for sim only??

    Vodafone - £20 for 500mins and unlimited texts, £7.50 a month for unlimited data so £55 for two months.
    £90 cashback on quidco means you are up £35 by the end...

    At the moment im trying T-mbile but think ill cancel within the first 7 days, as you are allowed to, to try vodafone and see if they have better coverage/data speeds in my area (Berkshire) so can aso report back on that....


    in my experience of travelling all over the uk, o2 have the best coverage for data and voice, vodafone gave me loads of dropped calls .........and t mobile........well a carrier pigeon would be better!

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    Should have mentioned, im based in Berkshire near maidenhead.

    Yeah im currently trying T-Mobile who seem to have patchy coverage, very tempted to cancel that ( within the 7 days atm), get an O2 and Vodafone sim card to test as well to see who has the fastest data package.

    The £90 on the sim only deal though quidco states that you have to have the account open for 4 months as per below, copied from quidco site:-
    "Please note that the Cashback on the SIM only monthly deal will only be paid once you have had the SIM active for 4 months."

    From quidco: Please note that the Cashback on the SIM only monthly deal will only be paid once you have had the SIM active for 4 months.

    O2 online 15 SIM Only

    Pay Monthly

    400 UK texts
    200 UK mins
    with Unlimited O2 to O2 Calls
    witth Unlimited web bolt on


    +£22.33 c/b throu quidco

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    Curses, foiled again. Ah well thanks for pointing out the flaw! £90 cashback is still pretty good, think im going to test them all to se which gives the best coverage/data speeds then...
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