Quidco and USB Modems

    I am in the market for a USB modem contract. I've done my homework and know the deals available but I am looking at Quidco aswell. I know it is not guaranteed to track but e2save and onestopphoneshop have the best deals (for me)... So I don't need advice on that.

    My problem; via quidco e2save says £36.50 for a purchased and completed contract
    onestopphoneshop says £15.00 for a USB modem.

    Is a USB modem still a purchased contract since I am buying a USB Modem contract - it makes no mention to them seperately so I dunno if they are exempt or part of the same? And when it says completed, does it mean at the end of the contract so in 12 months they'd pay, or is that just bad grammar/bad understanding on thier/my behalf.

    Onestopphoneshop is pretty self-explain to me who've I've used for years and trust - I've never used e2save but I could get another £21.50 which would easily make the best deal for me - or I could get nothing at all which'd make it the worst.

    Another thing but unrelated is, I don't know how to post in just a normal forum mode rather than as a 'deal' as when you hit submit it only has deal. So sorry if this is in the wrong place but please move if I have messed up.

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    please kill this thread - I've found the quidco thread. Sorry & thanks
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