Quidco and Virgin Mobile

    Is it just me or is Virgin Mobile no longer on Quidco? and while we're on the subject has anyone ever got any money back from Virgin Mobile via quidco?


    I can't see them any more either.
    Ive got a £8.00 outstanding enquiry with Virgin from the begining of December... its been sent to merchant so I'll just have to wait and see.

    Gone must have been costing them a lot of money.
    I have 2 validated transactions at £8.00 each due for payment in March.

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    Thanks for your replies, I've had an £8 one validated at the beginning of the month, I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and wait

    I think there was a problem with Virgin Mobile and the Motorola phone + bluetooth headset deal not tracking and Quidco have taken Virgin mobile off while they look into it, it was mentioned in the Quidco thread and another one which I cannot find.…ot/

    Please post any further discussion in the quidco thread. Thanks.…ot/

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