Posted 10th Jul 2018
I've mentioned this before, but didn't have anything to back this up, but now I do, I am in the process of filing a complaint against Quidco with trading standards.

Many times I've clicked to activate the £2.50 Bonus they've done over the last year or so and never once has the corresponding transaction to qualify for this bonus tracked.

Take the weekend just gone, Quidco throw out the usual £2.50 Bonus for the weekend, for a minimum spend of £10 (ex vat if you want to be sure)

1) The £2.50 Bonus is always activated in your account activity
2) You make a purchase from a qualifying retailer (notice lately this excludes places like ebay etc) and then you ensure it's over £10 (excluding VAT to be safe)
3) The purchase never tracks, even though it is there if you do a cashback claim.
4) So I do another transaction, with same retailer after the offer and it tracks within 2 hours...

Now this happens every time, I have noted all the transactions and the pattern is clearly showing that no purchases track to get the bonus.

It's pointless putting a Manual claim in, it'll stay dormant for a year, then Quidco will say that the merchant declined and does not take claims.... same excuses every time.

I would welcome all your feedback on this, the more people that complain, the more evidence we can use to throw the book at Quidco. Trading standards should get some transparency out of Quidco and why these bonuses don't get paid or track, because right now they are a complete joke.
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