Quidco - Are earnings enquiries any use?

    I am just wondering if Quidco earnings enquiries usually have any success?

    Quidco contacted me to raise an enquiry a few months ago about a £0.00 tracking declined by PC World. I gave them all details including receipt number etc. so clearly it should have tracked at a proper amount. This has never paid and it is now finished with my PC World earnings at £0.00

    I have raised another ticket with a fail to track at Boots worth almost £12. It now tracking because of my enquiry, but clearly this hasnt converted to a verified despite providing all the receipt number and Quidco's own site showing I visited the merchant.

    Do enquiries usually have any success?


    I have raised a few over the years and I would say most of mine have been successful. I just look at Quidco as a value add- you win some, you lose some.

    I have been waiting since last Sept for £35.00 from GTA Hotels and the longer its taking the more annoyed i get.
    I'm told by Quidco it should be paid out around April but i'd rather they had declined it from the off than kept this hanging on.
    I know Quidco should be looked on as a bonus but i chose GTA Hotels because with Quidco discount they worked out cheapest option.
    I know now not to think like that

    i did the ladbrokes cashback last august because the cashback was better than i had to spend on the site. i am still waiting it has been validated for months. i have contacted quidco about it but they just say they are having problems getting the cashback from them.

    You could use Fatcheese, who have a promise if you can prove you're order was genuine you will get the money.

    Havn't had to use it myself but it's a good reputable site.

    I've done 4 now and 3 were sucessful.

    If you don't ask, you don't get.

    ive done it 3 times and all 3 times i got my money

    the quidco team were very good and sorted it out once i queried each transaction
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