Quidco Are Offering £25 For a Vanquis Credit Card. Any Catches??

    Just seen Quidco are offering £25 for a completed Vanquis Credit card Application.…ard

    Look at the T&C of Vanquis and from what i can see there are no charges etc.

    I know people will go on about applying for credit etc and ruining your credit rating but other than that can anyone see any other catches??


    No i used vanquis until i got a better APR card. I got my cashback in about 3 mths

    No catches, I have already received my £25 for taking out a Vanquis Card. The APR is pretty high though at 34.9% so what I do is use it to buy stuff on the internet so i get the credit card legal cover and pay the balance of in full before the interest kicks in.

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    Thanks. Both repped

    So i could apply for this, and never use it? but still get the quidco? Cheers


    ^ Yeah just be aware that to process the application you will get a phone call you must take and given the hard sell for things like cheques.

    but you dont need to use it
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