Quidco & Bank Details - Is It Safe?

Found 28th May 2011
As we all know by now, Quidco will only pay out a maximum of £25 to paypal for some reason, so when I've gone to update my account and put in my bank details, there isn't the padlock on the bottom corner of the page to show it is a secure site.

I've sent them a message and I'm waiting for a reply, but I'm not too keen on the idea of putting my bank details on a non-secure website. Anyone else noticed this?
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yes- its safe
you scared someone might want to put money into your account lol !!
When did quidco lower the limit to paypal ? .. Is there a link on their page to explain this ?
It's certainly safe to use, saves paypal transfer fees though not sure if they apply to Quidco payments...
Use TCB instead
I know this a bit of an old thread but check your web address starts with https://

The 's' at the end will be sending data over a secure server. Sometimes explanations are better than just a "yeah. it's safe". That pretty much goes for any site where you're entering sensitive details, not sure what padlock you're talking about - we'd need to know which browser, anti-virus and OS you're using but https is verified secure standard.

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