Quidco- bit of advice please

    Ok, so i signed up a few months back but as i dont purchase alot online i havent used it until last night. I have a couple of questions for you learned people..

    1.i went through quidco to HMV and purchased a game, also went for the t-mobile sim....these are not showing in the recent transactions part? do i have to wait or have i failed?

    2. whenever i go to the quidco site and when i click through to an affiliate i keep getting security warnings,is this normal?

    3.If i use a different browser just for quidco(ive seen this mentioned on here before) do i have to clear cookies on both(say IE and Chrome)

    Thanks in advance


    it doesnt always 'track' your transactions, ive had a couple that havent shown up...used it this morning and it has tracked fine tho. Think sometimes its hit and miss, but generally a good site, ive had over £70 paid back to me this year.

    I always use a separate browser for cahsback, and just have the settings to auto clear cookies on exit. You only need to delete the cookies of the browser that you are going to be using.

    If you've visited HMV on your normal browser via Google or some other sites that use affiliate linking, then they may get the cashback instead of you through Quidco.

    I've changed to TopCashback now, instead of Quidco, no £5 yearly fee, and seems more reliable on tracking.

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    thanks for the replies, very helpful

    garbage- where is "enquiries"?

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    at the top click, my account.then click on, transactions, then in the … at the top click, my account.then click on, transactions, then in the middle of the page about 4 inches down says compose cashback query.

    all i have on that page is "no administration charges paid" so im guessing my purchases didnt register, will have to try it again when i need something!

    Thanks for your help
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