quidco case closed ?

    I've submitted an earnings enquiry for quidco that hasn't tracked on
    the quidco support has replied me that my enquiry is missing an order number
    since I've never checked my Earnings enquiries page (I just didn't know the tickets get updated on that tab) so I've missed this message and now the case is closed
    by any chance can quidco open it again ?


    I had the same problem, wouldnt rely on Very to provide the cash back.
    First, it didnt track. Then i had to wait 72 days to file a complaint (i think it was 72 anyway.)
    Then, on the complaint page it asked for details I hadnt been given, rewording the questions so its hard to understand what it is they exactly want, then after enquiring into what they wanted, finding the numbers and filing the complaint, it simply closed because of a 'missing account number' which I know I gave them, rubbish excuse for them not to pay out. Pretty sure you cant re-open them too.

    i have sumbitted 3 or 4 enquiry's for a single problem that never got sorted with an ebay transaction on quidco, so i think you can just try again with a new enquiry(this was before they updated site tho).

    as for Very, had no problems getting cashback from them twice so far using topcashback.
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