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Found 12th Sep 2005
Hi all

I ordred a phone for my sister about 10 days ago from onestopphoneshop via the Quidco cashback site.

Ordred on a Sunday and by Tuesday the phone still hadn't arrived so I chased it up with an e-mail. They requested we call them so my sister called them up and was told that they were having problems processing internet orders / getting the order information from the internet system.

This seems strange as I could see the order details on their website if I logged in with my username and password. They asked her if it was ok to cancel the internet order and do it manually and she said oK as long as it's exactly the same deal. They said it would be and now she has the phone.

The thing is that the original order is now showing as cancelled on the OSPS site but what about our £20 cashback from quidco? I assume this should still be valid as the initial order was cancalled at their request, because they had problems processing it.

The payment is showing as 'validated' on the quidco site but I don't know exactly what they mean by that because quidco don't list 'validated' in their list of possible status codes. It sounds good but could it change to cancelled? Or have they received payment?

Am I being a bit paranoid in thinking that onestopphoneshop may be trying to get out of paying the £20 commission to me / quidco?

What should I do? If anything.

Comments welcome.



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The Quidco earnings may come through fine but if they don't then contact Quidco and explain the situation. I'm sure it can be sorted out as long as they cancelled it and completed it manually.
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