quidco cashback with Three

    i bought an iphone 4 from three. got the information from here. But my quidco cashback is decined. tolde me: enquiry unsuccessful - Another Marketing channel was accredited with the sale.
    But i did bought it through the quidco. It is tracked though. Any experience with three or this situation?


    three have said they are not paying out on quidco at all.

    I received my quidco payment from 3 on Monday, appeal the decision... my mate did it for Sky and won, and received the money.

    Did you click the link on here then go via quidco ?

    If you did then this site will get the commission as they were the first, unless you cleared your cookies then you should get the cashback yourself

    I think thats just Quidco's way of skimming the cashback.

    I've had this several times from Quidco. One item I purchased completely through the Quidco link, cookies cleared and all that jazz, then quidco stated 'enquiry unsuccessful - Another Marketing channel was accredited with the sale'...yet there was no other channel involved.

    result? Quidco get to keep the cashback and you lose out.

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    thanks guys. I wrote to quidco. See what's happening.
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