Quidco declined, accepted (in error) then declined again cashback - Has this happened to you?

Found 10th Jul 2018
I queried why my Tesco insurance had been declined. I received an email saying Tesco had reversed its decision then received another email a couple of weeks later saying it was declined again!! When I asked what was going on I received the following reply.

Thanks for your reply, I've looked into this matter for you and can see your purchase from Tesco has been declined. I have found no point this has been accepted by Tesco in answer to your question the purchase was declined on the 12/3/18 and then a claim was raised and this was declined on the 22/6/18.

I can see you did receive a email in error that the decision has been reversed but this was due to a technically error as this was meant for a select few customers and this was then sent other customers and I deeply apologise for that.

Please refer to the last email for the reason of the decline.

Stupidly, as I was so pleased something was going well for a change we spent the £40 cashback on a takeaway that night! I should really have waited until I had received the money in my bank account!! Really UNHAPPY with Quidco raising my hopes :-((
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I stopped using Quidco because of declined payments when I had done everything correctly. I use T.C.B now it's a lot better than Quidco.
Sounds like Quidco
It’s Quidco
Ive yet to get a single penny out of Quidco, hence dont use them anymore, TCB seems ok, but can still happen with them sometimes.
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