Quidco Declined - Retailer Does Not Accept Cashback Claims?

Posted 26th Nov 2019
There was a Now Broadband offer on Quidco in September, which I decided to take. The cashback was £90 and it tracked straight away. It said that payout wouldn't be till January, but I decided to log in and check it today. Declined - It says that 'We're sorry to tell you that this retailer does not accept cashback claims. We're unable to investigate this further'

I don't understand... It also says that the retailer is Now TV Combo, but I clicked on Now Broadband when doing the cashback. Also, the same £90 offer is still on their site today.

Why would the retailer switch to one that doesn't accept cashback? It tracked through the site and I know that I clicked on Now Broadband not something called Now TV Combo.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Edit: Update- I have contacted customer support and they have raised a claim for me. The claim is now showing as Now Broadband. They didn't have a reason as to why it was declined and said that it could take 4-6 months to be completed.

Should I sit with my fingers crossed now?! I asked if it would help if I contact Now TV directly myself, but they said it won't, as that particular department won't be the ones that deal with customers directly. Has anyone else tried contacting directly on declined cashback?

Thanks for all your replies & help
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