Quidco - Does 'Tracked' mean you will definately get the money?

£42.50 from Kwik Fit Insurance has just appeared as Tracked on my Quidco. I did get a qoute from them, but didn't purchase the insurance.

Does anybody know if this will this be honoured?


it will get declined, pocket change anyway imo

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black gerbil1;4573114

it will get declined, pocket change anyway imo

LOL. You're such a tool!

No, tracked doesn't always mean it'll get paid out. Had a few tracked transactions rejected before even.

You may well get it. I got £100 Quidco cashback from Talk Talk even though I canceled a day after ordering. It tracked and to my astonishment, validated. When it showed as 'received' and then 'paid', I was more than pleased as I had just got £100 for not taking their Broadband product!
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